Welcome to Technocraze Solutions

Technocraze was formed in 2017. We are a reputable dental insurance charge and assortment Company having offices in the American Nation and India. We are your comprehensive resource to eliminate all of the undue stress. When you choose Technocraze, you choose to invest in a service provider that can handle all types of insurance complexities & simplify the work for you, which in the end will result in increased efficiency and profitability for your practice. We have the aptitude of delivering compelling business worth to our clients.

Our goal is to provide maximum efficiency and profitability by managing and solving not only the simple but even the core complex challenges in insurance and collections. Our team of experts works towards a more profitable and productive insurance claim process using tried and tested efficient techniques.

At Technocraze, our mission is to address your dental insurance problems and employing an absolutely developed methodology.

We are targeted on handling insurance and patient charge, and ensuring you receive the revenue you’ve attained. We tend to build our business to be up-to-date on the insurance policies and government policies and keep you up-to-date as well.


Our Vision is to be amongst the most admired dental support service providers globally helping Dentists and Patients to focus on smiles.


Our Mission is to provide true and accurate non-clinical services, on which Dentists and Patients can rely. 

Why settle on Technocraze?

We are a quickly growing company that involves in providing resolution to difficult business issues. Our domain includes a broad variety of insurance charges and operations. There has been a continuous rise in Networking, Clientele and Business Scale in our company since it came into existence.

Other reasons to settle on Technocraze-

1. HIPAA Compliance

All of our work is completed in compliance with HIPAA privacy and security standards, making certain that your patient’s personal data is safe.

2. Rapid Payment Conversions from Insurance Firms

Get paid quicker with our accurate billing system. Before submitting the claims, our billing team ensures a high-quality check on claims and its completeness and accuracy. This permits a higher rate of first-pass claims and quicker payments from insurance firms.

3. Detailed Monthly Reports

We provide elaborate reports that read into totally different stages of charge and assortment method. The data is delivered in email reports that track collections and production ratios which also includes:

  • The variety of claims submitted
  • The variety of insurance charge claims appealed
  • The variety of claim errors corrected

4. Quick Client Support

Our team of charge and assortment specialists is usually out there to supply help and answer any queries. We are a call or email away.

5. Cost-Effective resolution

Our wide fee could be a tiny share of your collections that are beaked to you on the primary day of every month. As a result of which, we tend to get paid once you get paid, it's imperative that we tend to do our greatest to maximize your collections. We also don’t have any long-run contracts, you can cancel it at any time, without penalty but with a simple thirty days notice. Begin experiencing the Technocraze distinction in your observation today.

6. We work more to help decrease your load

After we tend to take over charge & assortment tasks, your workplace manager is going to be ready to dedicate longer on necessary tasks of building healthy schedule, advanced treatment designing, managing employee’s members effectively, and delivering higher patient expertise. This may end in higher production, higher case acceptance, engaged workers and improved patient retention.