As a matter of fact, the majority of practitioners bear loads of money in A/R or the Patient’s Accounts Receivables. In order to maintain profitability, practitioners keep a strict check on evaluation & collect the money owed to them. In-house teams continuously monitor & plan to collect funds without any delays or issues. As the unpaid claim duration rises, so does the chances of getting the claim denial. Which is why it is necessary to prevent & pursue methods of working on claims that will reduce the denial ratio. 

Well not anymore! Technocraze practices a unique approach and solves problems with exceptionally efficient solutions. All of our services are aimed at delegating tasks which reduces the burden & helps in-house teams to focus on what’s important.


  1. In order to determine balance our agent will generate a report from your management software.
  2. Creating a list of patients with undue claims.
  3. The accuracy is decided based on a group discussion with the team.
  4. We thoroughly work on every patient’s account while taking appropriate actions.
  5. We schedule regular meetings with your office manager about patients’ accounts progress and new updates.
  6. You may contact the patient with comprehensive statements.