Claim and Denial Management is one of the most essential apparatus of a Dental care organization’s RCM (Revenue Cycle Management). It is the process of increasing payment recovery by working on root causes, analyzing them and preventing from future occurrences. Manual denial management processes are the majority reasons for revenue generation.

At Technocraze we closely study each & every claim with extensive groundwork in order to prevent denial. We make sure that you are ready for everything, like dynamic rules, regulations, the latest payment models, etc. 

Our strategy is simple; identifying the source of the issue and taking remedial action.

Benefits Of Having Us In Your Team:

  • Prevents Revenue Leakage
  • Saves research time
  • More time to billing team for double-checking claims
  • Fewer redundancies, less rework
  • Restrains incorrect billing
  • Increases incoming cash flow
  • Reduces cost to collect
  • Prevents audit risk
  • Empowers process improvement in RCM in less time

Proven Result:

  1. 28% decrease in denials observed by our clients within the first year
  2. 76.8% recovery rate of all payer appealed cases
  3. 60.2% payer recovery rate for all referred cases