It is crucial for dentists or organizations providing dental services to maintain a clean & up-to-date record. Credentialing is one of the practices that helps them in doing so by getting them verified. It helps dentists by verifying them with a large network of insurance companies and their plans. Dealing with so much at once, and understanding the plans & policies can give anybody a hard time. A few of insurance providers include DMO, DHMO, PPO, Medicaid and HMO; with a number of insurance companies within each category.

So what exactly is Dental Credentialing?

Every dentist has to go through the process of filing an application including his/her important details about their professional record, which helps dentist verify & record their information like their education, history, career, malpractice (if any), license, training background and much more. The process of getting verified to be a part of an insurance company’s preferred provider network can also be a part of the definition.

Why do you need Dental Credentialing?

The modern world demands a compulsory verification and dentists are required rather expected to have multiple tie-ups, for a quicker, smoother & valid functioning. It not only helps patients build trust over you but also plays a vital role in promoting your brand. Nowadays mostly all kinds of patients prefer a dentist with verified credentialing. Collaborating with dental practitioners is a common activity by insurance companies for creating a synergy & working for mutual benefits! It will not only grow your customer base & loyalty but will ultimately affect your overall revenue positively.

Why is Credentialing important?

  • It builds the patient’s confidence & trust in the dental service provider.
  • Facilitates in accepting 3rd party reimbursements.
  • Helps in getting frequent recommendations or referrals by becoming an in-network provider.
  • Majority of US citizens have an insurance cover, which makes it a compulsion for you to follow. It is what patients would expect from every dental practitioner.

NOTE: Dentists/Organization providing dental services are at a high risk of losing potential clients if they are not a part of the network &/or are not verified.

What All Documents Are Required?

Here’s a list of the documents required by the practitioner:

  • Dental School information
  • Board Certifications
  • CV
  • Dental License
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Documents Related to Internship or Fellowship.

Why Choose Us?

Credentialing can be a nuisance if practised without the right guidance. In fact, even without it, it turns out to be, more or less, a pretty time-taking & complex task. Making your patients feel insignificant is the last thing you want.

Technocraze withdraws the burden from you & your staff. Our experts apply proven & efficient approaches for a smoother flow during the enrollment process. Our priority has and will always be the Provider; therefore we pay close attention to even minute details. Delegating any subsequent (but necessary) work to someone reliable will not only save your & your staff’s time but will enhance the customer experience.